13 May 2017

Dune by Frank Herbert

Title: Dune

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/Dune-Sequence-Frank-Herbert-ebook/dp/B004KA9UXO/

Genre: Science fiction, Fantasy

Pages: 610                                              

Status: Finished

Recommended for awisls: Not Recommended

Have you heard of “Dune”? You might have, if you’re a sci-fi fan. “Dune” is the highest selling sci-fi novel of all times. Why? I have no idea. “Dune” is the greatest book disappointment of my life. I had never read anything so popular and found it absolutely atrocious. The idea is great, original, even breathtaking.

The troubles begin when stewardship of Arrakis is transferred by the Emperor from the Harkonnen Noble House to House Atreides. The Harkonnens don't want to give up their privilege, though, and through sabotage and treachery they cast young Duke Paul Atreides out into the planet's harsh environment to die. There he falls in with the Fremen, a tribe of desert dwellers who become the basis of the army with which he will reclaim what's rightfully his. Paul Atreides, though, is far more than just a usurped duke. He might be the end product of a very long-term genetic experiment designed to breed a super human; he might be a messiah. His struggle is at the center of a nexus of powerful people and events, and the repercussions will be felt throughout the Imperium.

The execution is horrific. I read all 610 pages and hated every second of it. Maybe because the main characters' names were Paul and Jessica? Maybe because if I once again read the words “Bene Gesserit Training” I would poke my eyes out? Or maybe because I hated the words “Kwisatz Haderach” and couldn’t take reading them anymore? Or maybe it was the “Lisan al-Gaib” that drove me mad?

But seriously, “Dune” is unforgivingly boring. I couldn’t wait getting to the parts with the worms. Yes, there are worms on the planet Arrakis, huge, miles-long worms that move across the barren deserts of Arrakis. But I never saw the worms in their glory. A scarce description was all I got. Then suddenly Paul is riding one of them. And the book was so full of inner thoughts that I wanted to grab the characters and yell into their faces, “Stop talking in your mind!” And the POV! It was all over the place.

I have never in my life read such static writing. It just wasn’t moving. I was slogging through the book, feeling how life was going out of me with every page.

I’m not a cruel person to recommend this book to the awisls. No, I won’t do it, because there was nothing good about it.

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