03 August 2016

Covers: Original or Not?

A picture speaks a thousand words.

New authors tend to forget how important the cover is. I’ve seen a great deal of abysmal covers, and of course most of them (if not all) belong to the books by indies. I was about to post some 20-30 of the worst covers I’ve seen on Amazon, but then decided against it. It might have seemed like a mockery, and mocking a fellow indie author is the last thing I wish to do.

A lot of authors order original covers from designers, others buy a ready one. It might seem improbable that among the millions of books on Amazon you’ll see two or three with the same cover, but I have stumbled upon a few.

Here’s an example:

Two different books have the same cover (a bit altered).

It’s not a big deal actually. Both covers are stunning. Both do their job: attract the reader and leave a good first impression.

You can order original covers (like I do), or buy a ready one (like these authors do). Many authors are on good terms with Photoshop and make their own covers. You can do that too.

What you certainly have to do is use a good cover. Promoting a book with a good cover is much, much easier. Trust me on that.

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