18 July 2016

Wreckage by Emily Bleeker

Title: Wreckage

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/Wreckage-Emily-Bleeker-ebook/dp/B00NAJZDIM/   

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

Pages: 305                            

Status: Finished

Recommended for awisls: Not Recommended


This review might contain spoilers.
Four people get stranded on an inhabited island. Two of them have been rescued. They are lying about what really happened during the past two years on the island. They say the deaths of the other two were accidents. But could it be that something had gone awry on that island? Had there been a game of survival? Did they kill each other? For food? For safety? Out of madness? A gruesome and heartbreaking story of cannibalism?
Sounds interesting? I had thought so too when I picked up this book. It had so many 5-star ratings I thought it was going to be something new. Something that we haven't seen already in dozens of Hollywood movies about people surviving on an island.
I was wrong. 90% of this book is romance on an island. Two people fall in love and have an island affair. 90% of this book was them eating, sleeping, swimming in the ocean, fishing, talking, walking, remembering, kissing, washing, dreaming, wondering, musing, feeling happy, feeling sad, feeling hungry, feeling sick, and so on and on. 300 pages!!!
There was a tiny bit of action which started and ended at the 40% point of the book. There was absolutely no mystery. Why is this book listed as mystery and thriller? Someone on Amazon needs to correct its genre. It's romance, with all the elements. It was simple as 2+2 that a child had been born on the island, that the child hadn't survived. So obvious it's not even a spoiler, because they mention the child's name very early in the book. Did the author think her readers were brain damaged? And so what if there had been a child? I still don't understand what was the big deal? There are so many "so what's" in this book I don't even know if I have to mention them.
This was the slowest book I had read in ages. But even the slowest books had at least one redeeming quality: an unexpected turn in the story. This one has none. 300 pages of nothing.
I'm not mad because I was once again cheated by the glowing reviews. I'm mad because the book was wrongly categorized. I don't like romance, and I wasted two days reading romance, when I could have picked a much better book. The worst thing an author can do to a reader is stealing their time. I should have left this one unfinished, but I hate abandoning books midway, and I also thought that maybe I was wrong, maybe there would be something unexpected. A big twist, a huge revelation, mind-shattering and innovative. The pages came and went, and still nothing happened on that island. Nothing but love floating in the air above the Pacific.

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