06 July 2016

Broken Dolls by Tyrolin Puxty

Title: Broken Dolls

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/Broken-Dolls-Tyrolin-Puxty-ebook/dp/B015JMSTF6/  

Genre: Children’s Books, Scary Stories

Pages: 176                            

Status: Finished

Recommended for awisls: Recommended

One of the most original stories I’ve read in 2016. Touched me. Left me with a moist feeling in my eyes. I picked up the “Broken Dolls” because it was free and because it had one of the most beautiful book covers I had ever seen. If I decide to do a “best cover” by the end of 2016, this one will definitely be in the top 3.

I’m sure that a harsh critic will point out a few inconsistencies in the plot and that the characters’ actions weren’t always logical, but I didn’t care. This book made me vulnerable. I just can’t explain it. Usually I am good at guessing the twist, and I thought I had done it once again, but no, it was something else. And it was sadder than I had thought. Rarely has a book made me feel so sad.

This is the first book in a planned trilogy, but I won’t read the rest. And I have the most bizarre explanation. I am just scared. This book touched me on such an emotional level I’m scared to spoil the “aftertaste.” It was perfect this way. I don’t know what the author will decide to do next, but I’ll be broken if this sweet little story turns into a Hollywood style blockbuster.

The “Broken Dolls” was simply written, there were no big words or interesting sentence structures, but I will nevertheless recommend it to the awisls because of the story itself. It was beautifully done.

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