10 June 2016


As a fantasy lover I was looking forward to this movie, sometimes even counting the days. After the disappointment called Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies, I had been longing for a new fantasy to dive into and spend a bit of magical time among the elves, orcs, dwarves, and humans.

Just look at those orcs!

I can’t remember more beautiful and malicious characters than the orcs in Warcraft. They were a real work of art, detailed and meticulously designed.

I tried to get into the movie. I have never played Warcraft, but it shouldn’t have been a problem. Warcraft is supposed to be a movie for fantasy lovers, not just for the game fans. But it seems the writers and director have another opinion. Because while my imagination did its best to fill in the gaps and paint a wholesome picture, the movie did everything to confuse me. They should have shown Azeroth a bit more before the kingdom plunged into a war with the orcs. They should have introduced the characters better, so that I’d care for them. Maybe then I wouldn’t lose my interest after the first 30 minutes. Warcraft should have been an hour longer. Otherwise it was too fragmented and confusing.

Such a shame :’(

I’ll be looking forward for another fantasy. If Warcraft 2 comes out, I know I won’t be watching it. Just not interested anymore.

Warcraft Azeroth fantasy