23 May 2016

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Title: Coraline

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/Coraline-Neil-Gaiman-ebook/dp/B0037B6Q66

Genre: Children’s fantasy

Pages: 212

Status: Finished

Recommended for awisls: Every Gaiman book is good for awisls.


I like Neil Gaiman. I think every newbie author needs to read him. But I read his books not for pleasure, but for learning. Somehow I fall asleep every time I pick a Gaiman book just for pleasure. "American Gods" was a great sleeping pill, and Coraline was no different. It was an interesting fantasy, sometimes quite scary for a children’s book, but still I kept yawning and feeling sleepy.

The same happened while I was watching the animated movie. It was beautifully made, with some of the creepiest and stunning characters I had ever seen in a cartoon, but I still managed to fall asleep a few times. Maybe it’s just me; I have been feeling sleepy recently.

Just look at this! Marvelous!

All in all, Coraline is a well written book for kids, but the adults love it no less. I advise you to give it a try by all means. It will take you just an hour or two, but you will learn a lot from Neil Gaiman. He’s not called a genius for no reason. Gaiman is considered one of the best contemporary authors, with a calm, balanced prose and boundless imagination. We all can learn a lot from him.

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