16 November 2015

The Bank of the River by Michael Richan

Title: The Bank of the River

Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/The-Bank-River-Michael-Richan-ebook/dp/B00DC1RTCQ

Genre: Horror

Pages: 220

Status: Finished

I love reading horrors, and I am always looking for new authors. Really, how much more can I read Stephen King? I’m a firm believer that there are other authors who can come up with scary stuff. Sadly, The Bank of the River didn’t make an impression on me. I’ll keep searching for a good horror book. This one read like an episode of “Supernatural.” But instead of the two brothers we have a father and a son who are solving a mystery about a haunted house. It wasn’t scary, and it wasn’t gripping. Nor was it original. If you have a few hours to kill and have nothing else to read you could give this book a try. But if you want blood-curdling horror or a solid, atmospheric story, you’ll have to search somewhere else.

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