26 September 2015

Pure Evil by Jesse Bastide

Title: Pure Evil

Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NGJ8SCY

Genre: Supernatural, horror, thriller

I am a huge horror fan. The moment I see a free horror book on Amazon, it is doomed to appear on my Kindle. Sadly, this book was another disappointment of the week.

The plot: What starts as an episode of playground teasing, ends when Devon gets a rock to the skull. He falls into a coma, only waking up after a close brush with death. But now that Devon is back, he finds out that he’s not alone. There’s a mysterious entity talking to him in his head. And Devon’s not sure if he likes the new imaginary friend.

From the first pages it’s obvious that the author is a huge Stephen King fan. Most of us are, anyways, but this was just too much King-is-my-idol-I'll-try-to-be-like-him. Surely not only S. King’s stories can take place in Maine, not only his protagonists can be writers, not only he has the right to write about demons/inner voices/aliens (who reminded me a lot of Pennywise the Clown from King's "It"). But it was so obvious it made me treat this book as a King fanfiction. Maybe if it were written better, if it were edited better, if the author didn’t use one of the protagonists’ name instead of the other I would take this book seriously. It needed a thorough editing. And an idea of what exactly it wanted to be. There were plot points that never went anywhere, like the boy turning copper into silver. Surely there might be a sequel, but some things need a closure or some kind of explanation. The characters weren’t well developed. There were meaningless details that again went nowhere. There was the POVs problem as well.
This is one of those indie books that can be ripped apart by harsh critics and bloggers, but this website is not the place for that. I think the readers will enjoy this book if they know what exactly they are getting: a not very long and a bit simplistic horror story. There are definitely readers out there who might be looking for something like this.

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