16 September 2015

I Don’t Read Romance

I have specifically stated in the review guidelines that I don’t read romance. Please do not offer me love stories or books with romantic elements. I’m not interested. Moreover, I am uncomfortable reading them, because most of these books are nothing but the author’s sexual fantasies. Really, I’m not interested in reading another woman’s fantasies, mostly about a hot-alpha-male-dangerous-brutal-dark-possesive-aggressive-sex-machine protagonist. After 2 books of this nature became bestsellers, almost every book in romance category is by someone who consumed them and thought “I can write this too!” And they do. The same old story is published a few thousand times a month. I’m not the book police and I’m not telling others what to write, publish, and read. I’m just asking once again to not offer me stories filled with sex, pining, swooning, hot males, Kamasutra positions, washboard abs, accidental pregnancies, sweet heroines, dark heroes, love triangles, perfect jawlines, taut chests…

Send me mysteries. Send me horror. Suspense. Sci-fi. Historical. Fantasy.

And please, no Young Adult. I write YA, and that’s enough for me.

Thank you.

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