07 September 2015

Murder, Lies and Chocolate (Death by Chocolate Book 2) by Sally Berneathy

Title: Murder, Lies and Chocolate (Death by Chocolate  Book 2) 

Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/Murder-Lies-Chocolate-Death-Book-ebook/dp/B008QPW5J0/

Genre: Mystery, Cozy

This was the 2nd book in the Death by Chocolate series, but stands on its own and doesn’t require you to read the first to understand who’s who. It also spoils the first book (naming the baddy multiple times), so if you plan to read the whole series, it’s logical to start from the beginning. While I liked this book enough to finish it, I won’t be checking out the sequels. The plot reminded me of so many other cozy mysteries I thought I had been reading the same author the whole last week. Lindsay is a baker, she’s dating the local detective, she has two friends/loyal sidekicks, a murder happens in her chocolate store… Does it sound familiar? It seems to be the plot of so many cozy mysteries recently. Although I wouldn’t call this one cozy. To me cozy is light on the violent side. There was multiple stabbing here, a person burnt down in a fire… I won’t be posting major spoilers, but I want to mention a minor one: the thing I disliked the most about Murder, Lies and Chocolate was that the murderer was behind the scenes all the time. It wasn’t a book where you suspect every major and minor character and then exclaim “I knew it!” Or whisper “I’d never suspect that one.” The characters analyzed the whole book and in the end came to the right conclusion.

What I liked was the writing. It was pretty well done. Much better than anything I have read these last few days. There were some funny parts and situations, but not as many as I’d like them to be. Lindsay’s friend Fred was cool, little Zach was cute, Henry the Cat was funny. Of all the characters Lindsay was the least interesting one. And she relied on her cat to save her life way too many times.

A bonus: chocolate recipes from Lindsay’s bakery at the end of the book. Too bad the ingredients that the Americans use are nowhere to be found here.

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