01 September 2015

Cheesecake and Me

There is only one thing better than reading a book, and that is reading a book with a nice slice of something sweet and tasty :D

Voila'! My new creation!  

No idea why I used to think that making a cheesecake has to be something complicated. I'd order it at bakeries and cafes, delight after each bite and feel sorry for my inability to make one. Until I checked the recipe, he-he! It's basically cream cheese, eggs, and sugar. I ransacked a dozen stores and didn't find cream cheese here. There are Mascarpone and Philadelphia, and they are uber-costly. So I went with curd cheese and my cake is yummy. So yummy that I've made it for the second time already and hardly got a bite myself :)))

It looks better in real life <3

And reminds me of the Moon's surface,

Any cheesecake fans out there?

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