01 September 2015

Key Lime Die: A Key West Culinary Cozy by Summer Prescott

Title: Key Lime Die: A Key West Culinary Cozy Book 2

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I had really missed reading a short, cozy mystery, and when my friend Leiah from So I Read This Book Today lent me Key Lime Die, I couldn’t be happier. It was supposed to be one of those fun, quick reads about who-done-it in a small town, with 5-6 characters, each of them having the motive to be the killer.

Alas, not this time.

The story

Marilyn runs a small bakery whose existence is threatened when a competitor begins to sell key lime pies. Marilyn has spent a great amount of time to make her recipe of key lime pie perfect, but the competitor's pie strangely tastes just like hers. As if it's not enough, the competitor leaves nasty reviews about her bakery over the Internet (It reminded me of the phony Amazon reviews (both positive and negative), and for a page or two I could relate to Marilyn).

Her business is under threat; she's losing customers as well as her common sense. Maybe that's why, when she receives an order of 75 pies, she doesn't see it's a set up. That part made me cringe, because it was so, so obvious. And why on Earth didn't she ask for an advance?

Marilyn goes berserk and does things that made me cringe more, like going to the competitor's bakery and making a total fool of herself.

Then a murder happens, and of course she’s the main suspect. Even though her freedom is hanging on a hair, Marilyn somehow finds the time to swoon over the hot detective (I have to roll my eyes again).

In 4-5 pages everything is quickly resolved and the book ends. Considering the spaces after every paragraph, this wasn’t really 200 pages as stated in the description. More like 100 pages.

There wasn’t really a mystery, because we never get to know the suspects. Marilyn miraculously understands everything and solves the murder in an hour. When I hear cozy, I don’t think quick and uninspired. I think of Agatha Christie’s books, mostly those with Miss Marple. Where are they?

Also, there was a myriad of missing commas and punctuations errors. I wished to grab a Word Doc of the book and put all the commas in their places. I can't allow myself an editor at the moment, and I understand that other authors might have the same problem, but all the missing commas would be noticed if the author put her manuscript away for 2 days, then came back to it.

The only good thing this book did to me was reminding me about the cheesecake I was supposed to make.


The writing

Because this is a place that offers writing tips, I’d like to analyze the writing and mention what I personally didn't like and would have changed in a separate post. I don’t want to sound mean or rude in my reviews, but this book is such a great example of what not to do, that I can’t help going a bit deeper into it.

You can read my separate post HERE.

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